…life has been in a strange fast and furious mode this July – I can’t believe it’s been a month since I’ve posted – or that it’s been a year since my husband passed away – I will leave a couple of highlights before disappearing into the ether for another few days…

First, there is the most exciting project happening regarding my Paul. Some very kind people in the states are putting together a documentary about his life and I get to come to the states and be a part of it. More about this in a few days.

Next, I’ve spent some time in hospital. Good now, but it was scary for a while. When your doctor uses the words ‘multiple’ and ‘prolific’ in the same sentence with the phrase ‘blood clots’ it’s probably not a sentence you want him to complete. But there I was. “You don’t just have a blood clot in your lung. You appear to be breeding them like rabbits!” Well in my defense I’ve never done anything half-assed…

Now on a blood thinner and beta blocker and all signs are go for getting to the US at the end of August.

Finally, have been collecting stories and memes for TrumpWatch and will get them posted here before I leave for Maine. In the meantime, I am so incredibly proud of my president – of our past presidents – and of Hillary, I could burst.

But the most profound ‘awareness’ that I have experienced happened the day after I came home from hospital and called a lifelong friend to let her know I was okay and we had this conversation that I quite literally did not know how to handle.

She’s been my friend for over 60 years. She’s well-educated and is a well-paid bookkeeper by trade. We have always been on the same side of politics, from JFK through Clinton but she changed during the GWBush years. *I think* because she found herself working for an elite golfing community which is almost all white by nature and approaching retirement years, her concerns turned to SSI and how she would sustain herself once she could no longer work. There are probably a lot more factors but the upshot is this:

My wonderful, intelligent friend has bought – hook, line and sinker – into the Republican memes about how the Democrats are trying to destroy the country – how Obama is secretly a Muslim whose sole desire is to let as many illegals into the country as possible so that at the right moment he can ‘open the floodgates and let all the Muslims in where they will then open fire on all of America and anyone who doesn’t own a gun will be dead’ and all because the Mexicans and Cubans and Muslims are all freeloaders who are only here to get the free stuff that she and her peers have worked for and now can’t get bacause there’s nothing left to go around once the freeloaders have taken all the goodies…’

And for you and me this is all just garbelty-gook propaganda but she really, actually, genuinely believes it. All of it. So Trump is our only hope. I had an idea she was headed in this direction back when Palin was running as Veep-Wannabe but my friend’s tone has now gone completely over the edge into complete madness.

And all I can think of is… if she is this hooked on the doomsday conspiracy theories, imagine how hooked people with less education must feel.

This has become a completely emotional election cycle because on the other side of the Democratic equation… the Trump side… Facts.Don’t.Matter.

And that’s terrifying.

Europe has chimed in:



Back in a few days…


What a beautiful message – and what a simple way of letting the people around you know where you stand in the world.

I’m not only wearing a safety pin in public, I’m putting it on all my internet identities as well. Let the healing begin!

Sorry couldn’t work out how to embed this video but the link is good …

Feel free to copy and use this safety pin on the internet 🙂




As told by The Daily KOS

And PoliticusUSA

And Reuters

The Hill live-streamed it

NBC, BBC, CNN Gawker and Rolling Stone all provide coverage and positive media attention 🙂

Some of these Democrats are straight from the 60’s where sit-ins and public protests were practically invented. Nice to see the old tactics pulled from the closet, dusted off and put to good use again!

This is video of how it started-

Rolling Stone - Dems Sit-in

And this is how it ended:


I have no idea how true this is or not but this is how the story is unfolding at USUNCUT and it doesn’t look good for Trump either way.

Trump accused of rape


Donald Trump has been accused of raping and then threatening to kill a 13-year-old girl in 1994, according to a civil lawsuit filed in a Manhattan Federal Court last Monday.

The plaintiff, anonymously referred to as Jane Doe, alleges that Trump lured her and other young women to a series of parties thrown by billionaire Jeffrey Epstein with promises of riches and a lucrative modeling career. Epstein is now a registered sex offender who briefly went to jail for soliciting prostitution from girls as young as 14.

Full story at USUNCUT


Two young men wrote the perfect song.

[Click here for video presentation on The Last Word]

[Click here for video on the boys’ website]

Here are the lyrics to the song:

So you say this is human
Your heartbeat versus mine
Im in chains cause I’m choosing
showing love or living life
I shouldn’t have to leave where I stand
I shouldn’t have to change who I am
To count as a human
Feel my pulse
With your hand on my heart
You know it beats just as hard as yours
Feel my pulse
Feel my pulse
Can’t you see that im scarred
I’m just the same as you are so just
Feel my pulse
I wish I could reach them
And strip away what separates
It’s the same air we’re breathing
The same tears run down our face
So I don’t have to leave where I stand
And I don’t have to change who I am
To count as a human
Feel my pulse
With your hand on my heart
You know it beats just as hard as yours
Feel my pulse
Feel my pulse
Can’t you see that im scarred
I’m just the same as you are so just
Feel my pulse


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Live continued updates at the LATimes


It’s already being called the worst shooting in american History. 50 people have died – 50 more injured. But hey – you gun nuts out there still have all your rights in order so…

Orlando Florida Pulse Shooting.

On CNN (with video).

AP updates on Twitter.

@AP – This was tweeted prior to the [above] updates: