From the Huffington Post:

 From the Washington Post:TH-02Two of the four most viewed articles are about how Sarah gets it wrong.

TH-03New poll shows that while Sarah is still the most popular candidate amongst Republicans, she’s lost ground with Democrats and Independents and at the end of the day, the Republicans won’t put her up as their frontrunner if they think she can’t win votes outside their own base. ooOo Sarah, that’s gotta hurt.

TH-04Oh look! Real Politicians challenging Sarah to participate in Real Politics! That’s just, well... hawt!.

TH-05Ok play the tape: Sarah goes on national tour as the Downs Syndrome Mother of the Year. Trig’s birth certificate shows up on CNN. Actual moms of DS children rally throughout the Southern states to protest the fraud perpetated by… Ok, I’m just saying…

From the Anchorage Daily News:
TH-06Not even the loyal folks at the ADN can stop this avalanche from rolling down the hill.


TH-07And there it is. That elusive ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ we’ve all been searching for since August of last year.  It’s finally going to shine.  I, for one, have picked out more than a dozen youtube clips with which to celebrate Alaska’s New Independence Day. Sonny & Cher from the 70’s performing The Beat Goes On,  Eagles version of Witchy Woman, Del Shannon doing his famous My Little Runaway and finally – Neil Diamond belting out America.

I can taste the hot dogs and mustard now…

PS: Has it occurred to anyone else that Parnell might just be blowing smoke up the governor’s ass just to appease her until she actually – like – you know, leaves? And that maybe he’s just waiting for the right moment to step into the phone-booth and change into his super-hero clothes?  That would be way too perfect, eh?

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