Fairbanks Alaska, 26 July 2009

OMIGOSH! Is there any group of people Sarah Palin DIDN’T  criticize in her farewell speech? And  have you ever witnessed anyone as contradictory? My goodness! First she lambasts the press with her ‘stop making stuff up!’ spiel then turns right around AND MAKES STUFF UP!

Her whining comments regarding how no elected official gets anything done in their last year of lame duckness made me squint. Does she not realize that every term of office has a last year? What are we meant to do with a ‘last year’? Donate it to Goodwill? How does one NOT have a last year? Only ever work one?

*raises glass*

I will not miss this brand of political retardation. Here’s hoping Parnell has a better working knowledge of government. Alaska has more than earned a break from the educationally-challenged.

Let the music blare!!!

My Little Runaway – Del Shannon


Gypsies Tramps & thieves – Cher


Love On The Rocks – Neil Diamond


Hound dog – Elvis Presley


For The Good Times – RayPrice


Coming To America – Neil Diamond