He went too far…


This is unacceptable. UNACCEPTABLE. Anyone else saying this would be in the back of a police car waiting for the FBI to question them.



And this is the answer I give every time…

Nobody with any political aspirations wanted to run against Hillary. Nobody.

When Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton went head to head in the 2008 primary, the Democratic Party had to choose between two highly educated, highly successful, highly qualified candidates. It was a given, that whichever candidate lost the 2008 primary would be the front-runner of the 2016 election.  The fact that Obama won and Clinton lost only made the general public that much hungrier to put a woman in the White House. Had the reverse happened, it would have had the exact same outcome – the general public would have been just as eager and ready today to elect our first black president.

By 2014, after a shocking display of congressional failure by the Republican-controlled house and senate, any Republican worth his or her salt knew better than to risk their entire career, their entire political capital on a failed-from-the-start campaign. So we got the seven dwarfs and a couple of stupids… and one ego-maniac instead.

Sometimes I shorten my explanation to just this: Donald Trump was the only one dumb enough to think he could win.

Stuart Stevens

Just got my voting packet in the mail… cannot WAIT to cast my vote this year!

Remember Palin’s rambling attempt to critique Elizabeth Warren’s speech about supporting min wage hikes? Well in case you missed it – Hardball calls her out on her incoherent diatribe on this segment, just after Ethel Kennedy dumps ice on her head. It’s a 2-fer!

At least twice a day I climb onto Google to see if Hillary has responded to Sarah Palin’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. I found Palin’s challenge to be monumentally pathetic. Most people challenge family members, friends, you know – people with whom they actually enjoy a relationship. Sarah dropped Hill’s name like they were bosom buddies and we all know that’s not true. (Hill’s are real!)

So while I don’t expect the former First Lady to actually respond to Palin, I thought it might be fun if we provided some possible replies. There’s a blank .jpg at the end – play with it in photoshop yourself or drop a suggestion in comments and I’ll print it up for you!

Here’s mine:



Here’s yours to play with:

Hillary tweeting