Many bloggers including those at Palin’s Q&A, Joe McGinniss and The Immoral Minority (links to the right) have weighed in on Sarah Palin’s latest slip of the tongue when, in answering a question during a Fox interview said (regarding how presidential candidates should be treated):

“There’s gotta be the preparation on all the candidates’ parts for those gotchas. That’s what the lamestream media is known for nowadays is the gotcha, trip-up questions, and I just have to be prepared for it and overcome it.”

The slip, of course is in having included herself among the candidates by saying “I” instead of ‘they’ and it’s made a lot of skeptics rethink their opinion of whether or not Ms. Palin will be tossing her bumpit into the 2012 ring.

I would like to add my opinion – if I may.

Sarah Palin has been running for President since she first stepped onto the national political stage as John McCain’s running mate in the fall of 2008. And she hasn’t stopped, not for a minute. In her mind she is not just a viable candidate but America’s only choice. She has fantasized and lived over and over again her acceptance speech, inauguration address, what she’ll wear, how her hair will look – the expressions on all of her children’s faces as they stare adoringly back at her from the sidelines…

Sarah Palin has no actual clue what running for president of a country means in terms of what she needs to know socially, economically or professionally (but you can bet she practiced the Queen’s wave to perfection). It is of absolutely no consequence to her that she is – among those who have sought this office before and now – the most ill-prepared woman of all times. To Sarah, preparing to run for the highest office in the land means making a list of all-purpose comebacks for those darned ‘gotcha’ questions. It’s 2011 and she still thinks and speaks in talking points. (Sadly, we can thank McCain’s staff for teaching her that little trick…)

Sarah said “I” because deep inside that disturbingly childish mind of hers she has already chosen new drapes for the oval office, counted the number of servants who will be at her beck and call, made one list of people she wants jailed for daring to cross her and another for people to whom she can crow “I told ya so” with self-righteous, vengeful glee.

I know in my heart that Sarah believes she’s running. She’s thought about nothing else since that first spotlight shone down upon her and she felt the warmth of a cheering audience. She quit her job so she would be free to make enough money to travel the country and stand in spotlight after spotlight after spotlight. To Sarah, this is how to prepare for an election ergo, she is prepared.

But when it finally sinks into Sarah’s hubristic head that in the real world people are going to ask her questions she does not want to answer,  that her one-liner talking point comebacks will not stave off an aggressive reporter and that her children won’t be allowed to provide a distraction, she’ll cut and run like a small fishing boat being chased by an enormous whale.

Sarah is her biggest doting fan. She’s fallen for her own talking points and believes her own bull. Of course she’s running.  She’s just not running for long.

Especially if this is true:

BTW – Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that the more power Sarah perceives she has the more ill-mannered she becomes? I’ve noticed she’s begun cutting people off in mid-sentence, seems less careful about veiling her insults and speaks progressively louder when she thinks the person listening isn’t getting what she’s saying?

Wouldn’t a temper tantrum on camera be just lovely right about now?

PS – Geoffrey Dunn’s book is like having found a security blanket. It’s so comforting to see in print what some of us have been out here suspecting and feeling for over two years. His insights are thoughtful and spot on. Although I’m not done yet (Dunn yet? *chuckle*) I highly recommend the read 🙂

Part One –

Maybe we don’t need a crystal ball to see Sarah Palin’s future. Maybe we just need to gaze into the the prescient world of  Charlie Sheen. He does, after all, seem to be walking an almost parallel path with the tortured ex-half-governor.

Two nights ago a sold-out crowd of Detroit fans began walking out of Charlie’s first-ever live performance just 20 minutes into his act. Comments at the door ranged from “…worst thing I’ve ever seen in my life.” to the observation that his poorly delivered and poorly chosen opening jokes about Detroit being a crack town full of car thieves had gone over badly. At the end of the day, there’s a difference between stand-up comedy and comic acting. Being good at one doesn’t pre-suppose you’ll be good at the other. If only Charlie were listening to the advice proffered from his agents.

But Charlie ceased taking professional advice in favour of listening only to his inner voice – the voice that guarantees him the people saying drugs and alcohol are killing him – lie.

Charlie Sheen had a brilliant career ahead of him. He hadn’t stepped on too many toes prior to landing the gig as Charlie in the hit series Two and a Half Men. His promiscuous behavior was treated by the public in general as adorable rather than womanizing. His public tippling in the past had been treated by the media on the whole as non-venomous. Tame in comparison to stars like Mel Gibson.

But the universal principle of uncontrolled drug and alcohol consumption is voraciously predictable. In the end, they will strip you of everything you ever deemed valuable. Fame. Friends. Family. And then they take more. Self respect. Health. Longevity.

Charlie Sheen is in full-blown denial and everyone looking on can see it but him. He’s lost one of the best roles a sitcom actor could ever hope to land. Not only did it bring him considerable popularity, it was job security at its finest because the role became the actor – became the role. That synergism guaranteed Charlie Sheen a secure financial future if he just stayed loyal to his craft and didn’t fritter it away.

The shoes of Charlie Harper will not successfully be filled by another actor. At least not in the near future. Should Charlie Sheen break out of his stupor and take action to clean up his life, his act and make amends enough to resurrect the series, the other actors will have already moved on, grown up and perhaps not have the forbearance to forgive Charlie the man for having chucked their chance at financial security into the trash.

Sarah Palin believed her overnight rise to national recognition gave her unlimited political and celebrity sway and that her success in one automatically procured her success in the other. To some degree she was correct. But this is where her addiction steps up to betray her.

No, I am not for a moment implying Sarah Palin abuses drugs or alcohol. I’m saying she abuses life. And that amounts to the same thing. Sarah’s addiction is to her own hubris. And that overbearing pride will be her undoing.