The video is here and these are my favourite spots:

John Avlon, Rebecca Dana and Louise Roug had just finished discussing bin Laden’s rather luxurious life in hiding. Time to change topics and my first ‘spit coffee all over my desk moment’ comes at the 1:15 mark:

“Well, speaking of taking disasters and putting them on television…” (referring to Sarah’s appearance on the Today Show.)

and again at 2:03:

“If Sarah Palin is your ‘big guns’ isn’t that essentially admitting defeat?” Oh Ouch! That had to hurt!

So whatever the numbers turn out to be, at least we can pretty much tell that the real lamestream media has Sarah’s number and while they’re willing to let her play in their sandbox this week, none of them will be any too happy to have to share their real jobs with her 🙂

I actually would love to see Sarah Palin succeed as a talk-show host. Let her compete with actual television personalities where she’s only accountable to her ratings polls and get her the Hell out of politics!