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Just read this article and literally one sentence in, I was smacked in the face with a powerful sense of Deja`vu… didn’t we read this same article back in 2008-09 referencing Sarah Palin?

From 2009 – Is Sarah Palin a Narcissist?

From 2011 – Sarah Palin is a Textbook Narcissist

Actually, just Google Sarah Palin Narcissist and you will get pages of hits leading to articles and blog-posts devoted to linking Sarah with narcissism.  So here we go again, this time with Trump as the reigning narcissist and this time the kook is on the top end of the ticket.

Crap. If this is the new role model for future politicians/leaders, we’re all in deep trouble.



Alas it’s that time of year again… the time of year when every time Sarah Palin opens her mouth it makes the angels weep…

Courtesy of Raw Story:Sarah Palin Seth Meyers

Doesn’t get any better than this… (click image to enlarge)

Then of course there’s the new look for the old Donald…

Trump Bun

Please dear God tell me this was photoshopped LOL

Back in March of this year Forbes interviewed Carlos Slim, a Mexican Billionaire who is estimated to be the richest man in the world. The interview focuses on the brilliant philanthropic project of Mr. Slim to fund putting laptop computers in libraries and schools across Mexico, all free of charge to the students. To paraphrase Mr. Slim’s reasoning ‘why give them a book – why not give them a computer – teach them how to use it – now everyone is better off’.

The owner of Mexico’s top television network, Carlos Slim is so disturbed over Trumps hateful, public remarks he has cancelled a joint project that was to make millions for both Ora TV and Donal Trump.. Here’s the Forbes March interview:

Then there’s this comment in an article posted at Canonclast :

The latest development comes as a television company controlled by Mexican billionaire, Carlos Slim, has cancelled a project with Trump that was said to be worth millions.


Ora TV, the production company co-founded by Slim and TV personality Larry King and funded by Slim’s America Movil, had been working with Trump for several months on the project.

An Ora TV spokesperson released the following statement,

“Trump was totally out of line…working with someone so closed-minded was not going to work.”

He added that the comments were racist and hurtful.

Way to go Donald… hope you’re enjoying all that tax-free PAC money. Hope it lasts longer than Sarah’s did 🙂

Proving a dog is never too old to learn new tricks, Donald Trump has followed a long line of quack-politicians who have figured out that one only needs to pretend to run for office in order to secure lots and lots of free money. It’s almost a religion, this SuperPAC cult of scam artists who legally bilk the ill-informed, less than street smart, gullible Americans out of as much money as possible during an election cycle.

And I’m pretty sure we can all thank Sarah Palin – who lowered the political bar back in 2008 by demonstrating through her fraudulent-yet-oh-so-profitable PAC that one doesn’t need to be educated, civic-minded or even well-intended to pretend-run for office – one only needs to embrace the shroud of deceit long enough to fill the coffers.

Trust me – when The Donald’s pockets are full and before his toupee flies off in the wind exposing his bald reality, he will hop off his campaign dais with a wink and a wave and return to scamming only those who invest in his crappy real estate ventures.

But at least on Facebook we can enjoy the early polls:

10150679_1443773152610211_8761224971826775099_n 11403370_1072890169391151_5381818489793862661_n

from 2014 but still makes me LOL…

From a USA TODAY editorial:

By journalism ethics, Fox should distance itself from its truth-challenged employee. But that’s not likely to happen because for Fox and its fans, credibility is established by different means. Having common enemies matters more than factual detail. That’s why Fox has left a canyon-wide gap between its standards and those of NBC.

NBC took its tarnished anchor off the air; Fox let O’Reilly use his show to go on the attack. NBC executives began an investigation of Williams; Fox News CEO Roger Ailespublicly backed his marquee talent. Williams apologized; O’Reilly threatened journalistswriting about him.

NBC tried to make itself better. Fox went to war.

That shouldn’t be a surprise. Fox News was not created to be neutral but rather to feed a hunger among conservatives for a network they could relate to. For decades, the so-called mainstream news media left them with the impression that the press, liberals and the Democratic Party shared the same enemies: them.

And we can count his reported experiences during the 1992 L.A. riots among his growing list of tall-tales. Not that it seems to matter much. Roger Aisles is only riled when a Democrat tells a whopper while his cash cow boy is granted immunity against the same criticism.

O’Reilly’s role on Fox is quite like the parent who lords over his child with a cigarette in one hand, a beer in the other while shrieking DO AS I SAY NOT AS I DO! And Fox followers are all too willing to play the obedient child.

Here is Media Matters take on this USA TODAY editorial.

============ UPDATE ============

RAW STORY has a detailed account of O’Reilly’s coverage of the L.A. riots in 1992 as witnessed by his colleagues and crew. It’s a good read and I hope you take the time to go to Raw Story and give it your full attention. I’m only posting a snippet of it here because there’s a particular quote I think you will find… shall we say… interesting 🙂

“There were people putting out fires nearby,” said McKeown. “And Bill showed up in his fancy car.” McKeown said at one point, the driver of O’Reilly’s personal car risked causing further offence by exiting the vehicle with a bottle of Windex and polishing the roof.

“The guy was watching us and getting more and more angry,” said McKeown. “Bill was being Bill — complaining ‘people are in my eye line’ – and kind of being very insensitive to the situation.” Kirkham said: “It was just so out of line. He starts barking commands about ‘this isn’t good enough for me’, ‘this isn’t gonna work’, ‘who’s in charge here?’”

The man shouted abuse at O’Reilly and the team, crew members said, and O’Reilly ordered him to shut up. He asked “don’t you know who I am?’,” according to two members of the team

“The guy lost it,” said McKeown. Enraged, he is said to have leapt on to the team’s flatbed trailer and kicked over a light, before throwing the piece of rubble, which smashed the camera and an autocue screen. Antin said he restrained the man. But O’Reilly then continued taunting him while a producer stood between them. “Come on, you wanna take me? I’ll take you on,” O’Reilly is said to have shouted at him.

McCall said the producer, who is about a foot shorter than O’Reilly, “didn’t have much trouble holding Bill back.” McCall said: “It was a lot more show than anything else on Bill’s part”.

“don’t you know who I am?” seems to be the battlecry of the fake-at-heart. Now, where have we heard this before?

Two peas in a pod 🙂
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