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anurse comment 11/12/09

Speaking for myself  – I did not take denaliorbust’s comment in the previous post as a pass on Sarah’s not being responsible for her actions – but more as a clinical explanation of events which shaped her political personality. A disecting, forensic approach, if you will, to the question we all want answered – how did Sarah get to be  Sarah?

We’ve all of us been left to head-shaking and guesswork regarding Sarah’s qualifications because no one in her world will talk to us, and the people in a position to garner information for us – just don’t. We’re flatout.

But our questions are honest ones, appropriately asked of a person positioning herself to be a major political figure in our lives. (Anyone proferring foreign policy advice via newspaper Op-Ed and  Facebook edicts to a seated president surely considers themselves a contender, right?)

Early in the 2008 McCain campaign, when Katie Couric was (by Sarah and her staff) summarily dismissed as an out-of-line reporter who asked invasive, ridiculous questions, it was like waiting for the other shoe to drop… but it never did. Where were Katie’s backers? Where were the stationheads and television crews? Why weren’t a hundred other journalists jumping up and down screaming WAIT! STOP SIDESTEPPING AND ANSWER THE DAMNED QUESTIONS LADY!

Nothing. We got nothing. At the time a handful of Alaskans were bravely and quietly stepping out of the shadows and into the blogs, ready to take up the banner our public officials and paid journalists so carelessly dropped, only to be met with serious obstacles. Alaska bloggers like Gryphen at The Immoral Minority and AKM at The Mudflats were both outted and threatened.  Wasillans like Andree Mccleod and Linda Kellen Biegel vigilantly trekked the legal roads demanding disclosure of Sarah’s actions as governor while under constant verbal attack from an army of Palinbot soldiers.  There’s Phillip Munger who began pecking at the conscience of the Alaska newspapers to give in and do their jobs and Shannyn Moore, who used her blog, radio and television to question the authority of Sarah Palin, smalltown mayor and accidentally-elected-governor only to be fired, threatened and persecuted by Palins followers.

Each of them has suffered public confrontation, personal and monetary hardship as a result of their efforts and yet they each still persist on getting at the truth and getting that truth to us. But it’s slow because those who know won’t talk. Those who talk, won’t give their permission to release.

So here we sit, out in the blogosphere, watching Sarah Palin take root in our future while we beg crumbs from anyone, anyone at all who can give us the tiniest insight into this woman who keeps pushing herself into power whether the majority of the public want her there or not. A woman with such hubris she publicly instructs your president, my president, a Nobel Prize winning, educated, eloquent man – how do to his job.

anurse: I don’t know if Sarah is just a person with such a low IQ she was susceptible to those who suggested a political career was her destined future,  if she was the mean-spirited high school bully who has gathered a cult-like following and is using them to manipulate her way into the White House, or if she actually believes she is the new messiah, here to save us all from eternal damnation.

But I can tell you I want to know the truth. If Tiger Woods, who does nothing more than play a good game of golf for a living is held up to the standard of full international disclosure of his personal life, than certainly we can expect nothing less of Sarah Palin, smalltime pollie from the bush.

And while we’re at it… can anyone please tell me why a woman who holds a four-year degree in Journalism needed a ghost writer to produce a fluff-piece about herself?

I mean it was just a big essay. Not rocket science.

I’m in awe of the energy and enthusiasm generated in the comments on yesterday’s post – and I want to thank absolutely all of you for your strong responses. I highly recommend all comments be read and I’ve plucked bits from comment #20 to post here because the writer is from Alaska, familiar with Wasilla and it’s citizenry – and has added a flavour that’s been lacking in other descriptions of Sarah – a physical description of Sarah as mayor.

You can read the entire post in yesterday’s comments (just below this post) along with all the other insights and perspectives provided by the other commenters .

The following  are the highlights of denaliorbust’s post which stood out for me. Three red dots indicate where I’ve snipped:

denaliorbust Says:
December 11, 2009 at 10:17 am e

Those of us who live in Alaska and who know Sarah and those who know Kristan have been boggled how the relating of their “best friendship” has been sold to the country.

Neither of them has any real close friends.

What so many people don’t get is that Sarah went for nine years as the prima donna of Wasilla. She rarely went anywhere without looking like a million dollars. It was funny because most women who live in Wasilla – and about 99% of all guys – simply wear jeans, Carharts, parkas, and hiking or hunting boots. There is no dress code out there. That was the primary way Sarah stood out is that she always looked dressed to the nines – with her hair up, her pedicures and her flawless make-up.

This allowed her to live in her little “special Sarah bubble” for almost a decade before running for governor. Think about this for a moment – you live in a small town. You are the mayor – big whoop – it took less than 1,000 votes to win you the post – but to you and your family it is a huge deal and you make it a huge deal. You fancy yourself a major political force, and almost everyone around you feeds into this perception you have of yourself. Constant fawning. When you are at your church people keep “having words for you” that include you will one day end up in the White House – because they are as in awe of you being the mayor as you are in awe of you being the mayor.

Sarah is acting no differently today while she shakes hands with whichever poor blokes sat out all night in sub-zero weather in whichever duped American town she’s currently visiting then she’s acted since 1996 when little strip town Wasilla elected her mayor.

And really, she’s acted like this in some part since her glory days of trotting herself across a stage in a bathing suit and trying to eke out a tune on a flute without going cross-eyed.

SHE LOVES THE ATTENTION. But unlike let’s say a comedian who is used to the stage and loves the attention too; Sarah believes she deserves the attention.

That’s the main difference. She believes she deserves it. And her family – which are really her only close friends – believe it too. They are incensed with any questioning – let alone negative coverage – of her. It’s so bizarre and surreal. It’s like they somehow don’t get that this is a nation we’re talking about. It’s a republic. There is something called the first amendment and it’s to be expected when people ask questions of Sarah’s policies or processes. People aren’t being inherently mean when they question Sarah; they’re being responsible citizens.

But her family doesn’t get this and because it’s only her family she surrounds herself with – and a couple other “fawning over their position and paycheck” aides – there is no one to help her process that “it’s okay. Calm down. People have a right -hello – to ask questions of you. You can’t expect that they won’t”

But virtually no one in Wasilla did for all those years. Why can’t everyone in America get how special, how unique, how beyond-the-common she is, like the good folks in Wasilla got it? What’s wrong with this dang nation full of people who keep asking questions about her and her motives and her tales? People hate her, that’s it! People are jealous of her! That’s it! She has become the world’s most well know serial martyr. Everyone – except Rupert and Rush are out to get her!

This very act of questioning is what annoys – well, it’s more than annoyance – it’s what infuriates her family members and her too. They have this attitude like it’s her right – she has ascended to a position that is her right and how dare anyone question how she got here, if she’s fit, what’s she’s doing, why she’s doing it.

You see, Sarah lived virtually the whole of her life not being questioned. She was never treated like a mayor – she was always treated much more like a queen who would, out of the majesty of her own heart, deign to speak with her subjects – and they should be so grateful for her attention.

Those of us who lived in other parts of the State used to laugh over this farcical little charade because it was so hilarious. But see, it takes not just Sarah living in a delusional zone, it takes others who will join her in her delusion – who will feed it in her, if you will. That’s why it would be funny if I couldn’t get past how sad it is to see the hundreds of hungry-for-meaning-in-their-lives people who sit for hours in lawn chairs in sleet and snow so they can shake the hand of someone they desperately long to believe it.

When the truth comes out – watch out. There are going to be truckloads of folks needing a therapist’s couch to sort out their shock, anger, grief and sense of betrayal.

There were always plenty of (people) who were just so in awe of the lovely Mayor Palin. They willingly fed her delusional state that she was somebody to behold and treat with reverence and a special kind of awe.

She wasn’t like them. They wore boots and she wore darling little sandals with flowers painted on her perfect toes. Their teeth were rotten or missing, or at the very least slightly off – hers were perfect and straight and white as the wind driven snow. They were size 12 or 14 or 20 or — she was a tiny, delicate little size 6. Their hair was unkept. Her’s was glossy and kept in place with gallons of hair spray. They’d never worn any make-up. She wore it by the layers.

You get the idea. She had nothing in common with them because she wasn’t common. She was the mayor. She had been Miss Wasilla. She had been the star basketball player. She was going to “end up in the White House” – how did she know this? Because they would say so when they would speak to her, that’s how she knew.

The rest of us throughout Alaska who were paying attention – those who saw immediately through the ruse – kept at bay and chuckled amongst ourselves at the delusion of Sarah and her faithful few – unfortunately the few turned out to be enough to land her in the gov’s seat – thanks to the two qualified candidates in the primary vying for the same voters, and one of them being the least liked governor in the nation.

This is the problem – and it’s why it’s right that Andrew Sullivan doesn’t move beyond the Palin issue – because it takes people a while to wake up.

Thank you denaliorbust – I wish more Alaskans would share their memories of and personal experiences with Sister Mayor Sarah with the rest of the nation – people have a right to know what lies beneath the public image of whoever they are backing – OzMud

This is literally off the top of my head. In the middle of performing some incredibly tedious, mind-numbingly unchallenging computer work this afternoon, a thought bounced from one side of my brain to the other and flopped in a corner – much like when one of my kids would leap across the sofa and land in a heap causing the floor to shake in retaliation  – then look at me with that What! What did I do? face that I actually miss now that they’re all grown…

And bear with me as I’ve no intention of proofreading or editting. Well maybe a once-over proofing…

But it struck me as odd today that Sarah Palin, with all her smalltown upbringing, and her outgong personality, doesn’t seem to have (and I know this sounds silly) a best friend.  Think about that for a moment and see if it doesn’t strike your hmm that is weird grey matter. (Oh God – is it grey or gray? I can never remember.)

Where is Sarah’s best friend? You know, the one female she confides in and has been with her through thick and thin and can verify all her life experiences because she was there…

Someone who’s been with her from the beginning. Someone who was ready to step in and hold her hand through her first labour in case Todd couldn’t get to the hospital on time?

That friend who always goes with you to see your kids perform in school pageants and dance recitals. That lady you have on speed dial just so you can call her fast to say Omigod you’ll never believe what just happened!

It has occurred to me, sifting through past news articles and book excerpts, that there’s this inescapable missing thing in her stories and photos, speeches and interviews – a thing as simple and common and everydayish as – a friend.

And I don’t mean the people she pays to babysit her kids or wipe her email accounts for her. I don’t mean her loyal or devoted fans or employees. I mean someone who’s honestly been there with her and for her. Someone she talks to all the time. Takes to a movie or a trip to the gym. Someone to go shopping with and swap bags so their husbands won’t know what they bought. (What?You never took bags home telling your husband they were Suzie’s and you brought them home with you because she didn’t want Hal to see how much she’d spent?)

Where are the cute, funny stories of Sarah and her best friend _______?

And why hasn’t this friend come forward to back up her Sarah’s version of Trig’s birth and her house being built by Todd and Bristol leaving school to be home-tutored?

And if she – in fact – lived in the same town for thirty-plus years without ever making a best friend… well that’s just disturbing. On a lot of levels.

I hear the clickety-clack of the grammar police coming down the road. I don’t care.

Hits [post] button.

Anyone who knows me, knows I am subject to sudden explosions of random thoughts, all masquerading as good ideas, causing my entire world to make mutiple giant u-turns without signalling.

Sans warning, one or more truly scathingly brilliant ideas will pop into my head and I find myself so eager to see what they would look like outside of my head, I can actually short-circuit trying to give birth to all of them at once. My children have told me this is an actual visual event, from which they derive great amusement, and had they ever been able to predict their occurances, they could have, as teenagers, made good money selling tickets to their friends.

My children have quite vivid imaginations and are not to be trusted :/

I bring this up because this past week has been one long chain reaction of non-stop scathingly brilliant ideas popping into my head, so permeating the rest of my life there are no more clean dishes in the kitchen, the benchtops appear to have been decorated by a recent cyclone and my toes are cold from putting off going out and buying new slippers because last winter ate my old ones, and this winter descended in the middle of my creative streak running amok. One can always find warm toes. But to midwife a new idea being hatched, well… I have my priorities, after all:)

So… before I get sidetracked one more time, I’ve meant to address the comments made a post or two back about – well here. Let’s just pull up a couple and have a sticky beak:

Post title: C’mon Wasillans – Talk To Us
Date: 13 May 2009
Subject: Photos used by the Palin camp as proof Bristol could not have been pregnant in December 2007

Readers Comments:




There are two overflowing folders on my IE toolbar chockers with links saved from as far back as Septmber ’08. One is called comments, the other research. In them I have attempted to preserve links to newspaper articles, television and youtube video clips, assorted websites, chat threads and blogs all pertaining to or raising questions about the qualifications of Sarah Palin to assume the role of political world leader.

While most links to most of the places named above are either still active or politely redirect the reader to an archive, there are some that are just broken. Gone. Non-existant. Can you guess which ones? Stand clear, don’t let any sarcasm drip onto your good shoes…

In my haste to put together the post about these particular photos, two things prevented me from doing a more accurate job. First, I lost the connection to where each was originally posted. My notes show they had each, at separate times, been visible on the governor’s website photo album. The one on the outside deck had been dated December 2007 as what had attracted me to the photo initially was a thread discussion about how it could not have been taken in December or there would have been snow on the hills in the background.

The staircase photo had been amongst those displayed in the governor’s website photo album at least once, as, according to my notes, that’s where I first saw it. The outside deck photo reappeared on the governor’s website, this time dated September but that, too was short-lived. I do not recall if it was posted under the September date while the staircase photo was posted as December, but the trying to pass them off as having been taken four months apart is what initially piqued my interest enough to take notes so I could eventually refer to or write about them.

So two weeks ago when I saw both photos posted on Palin’s Deceptions, and read Audrey’s accounting, I siezed the opportunity to ‘finish my thoughts’ in my own post. By then, unfortunately, most of my research links had been disconnected and I was left with sketchy notes, and my second writing downfall, a tired memory coupled with the idea bug striking me in the wee hours of the morning – always a deadly time for me to share an opinion because there is almost always something askew.

ADN.com had pulled several articles from the previous spring, announcing only that they had been archived – maybe – and did not offer links to their archives (even though I am a subscriber to their paper). How odd that a reputable newspaper would actually say to it’s reader “the article you’re looking for might be achived…” What kind of publication doesn’t archive all of  it’s writings? It becomes even more odd to note that even this message is now gone, replaced by a blank page. Blank. [See above link] Do they not have the money to properly archive their articles? Or are they just doing their governor’s bidding again…

Gov. Sarah’s website, I’ve discovered, changes with the whim wind. It doesn’t resemble any other governor’s website. I’m guessing it’s been revamped by at least a half-dozen staffers, each with the assigned goal of damage control rather than the desire to put together an informative government website for their citizens. And because of the many glaring mishaps, I’m guessing none of them ever worked on an actual government website before – ever.

One example of the unfortunate presentation of the gov.ak website is this…

While other first dude, first lady bio pages list their personal and business accomplishments with links to their pet philanthropic projects, like, say, feeding the homeless or promoting autism awareness, Alaska’s first dude’s page is shallow in content and unnecessarily links it’s page to a private corporation who clearly benefits financially from the governmental endorsement and free publicity. (If that’s not another Ethics Violation, it should be.)

Diane Patrick, first lady of Massachusetts, a former school teacher and lawyer, on her bio page, endorses early-start education as her pet project.

Maria Shriver, first lady of California, on top of a huge list of accomplishments and active participation with women’s rights groups, etc. lists support of Special Olympics as a pet project.

Bob Eaves, first dude of North Carolina, lists having worked to create a memorial at UNC’s Chapel Hill, dedicated to alumni who died in war. He also lists his interests in sports, but there is no link to a sponsor’s page. It’s just a coment: Bob spends a lot of his time volunteering and following his North Carolina Tar Heels sports teams. He also enjoys reading, golf, hunting, fishing and skiing.And that’s how it should be.

But back to the photos. I have no problem with the fact that a Holiday photo-shoot for Gov. Sarah and her family was taken four months in advance. No problem at all.

I take full issue, however, with the fact these two photos have been portrayed – more than once – as proof positive Bristol could not have been pregnant in December of 2007, and at least once as having been taken on two separate occasions, four months apart, for the same purpose.

I greatly appreciate all your input – and aplogize for not having been clear in the original post. Sadly, my train of thought was derailed amidst all the broken links and it took your comments to see just how far I’d fallen off the track.

Fear not – it will happen again – and I’ll be counting on you to pull me back 🙂

On a different note altogether (See how quickly my mind bolts? Keep up!) this, is my next favourite comment:


I’m wondering, now, what it would take to get on the Governor’s Christmas Card list. Who is on this list? Anybody out there know? How much fun would it be to make getting on the Gov’s Christmas Card list a new goal?

Ok my feet are cold. I’m off to buy slippers and maybe set fire to the kitchen.

Hey, dont look at me. Listen to Sarah herself. It’s at 1:10 in her infamous right-to-life speech, given last April in Evansville Indiana.

So. To reiterate yesterday’s US headlines, in a state where the lead executives are not allowed to moonlight with a second job, Sarah Palin has been legally cleared by her hand-appointed legal hatchet team to enter into a contract with a publishing house, where an undisclosed amount of money will change hands in the form of a writer’s advance, this year, while she’s still the Governor of Alaska, to write a book about her life which will serve as a stepping-stone to the 2012 nomination for Presidency, a goal for which she heretofore has denied striving… and this circumvention of Alaska Law is OK because a) her legal team has declared a publisher’s advance is not ‘income’, and b) she’s promised (and of course we all know how reliable her word is) to only work on this project after hours, in her spare time.

Do all Alaska attorneys think the rest of us just fell off the cabbage truck or is it only Sarah’s attorneys? A writer’s advance is payment against future earnings. If Sarah gets one million dollars in the form of an advance, this means she will not be given any royalty payments until her book has earned her more than one million dollars.So no matter how you slice this pie, it’s I N C O M E.

The original purpose of a writer’s advance was to ensure the publisher, the one taking the financial risk, that the author would produce the promised copy in the time allotted. The advance was designed to give the struggling artist sustenance while creating his work, so he didn’t have to be distracted by working a normal job. In today’s market, the advance is more geared toward the publisher weighing how much money he stands to make against another publisher’s offer, but it still serves as a guarantee the author will produce the promised material by a specific date.

In Sarah’s case, its been announced her book deadline is set to coincide with Alaska legislature being in session. So when it comes down to the wire and there are only so many hours in a day, and she has to choose between finishing her book on time or attending legislative negotiations… can you guess which way she’ll tilt?

And… what spare time?

Sarah has two school-aged daughters, a son in Iraq, a teenage daughter living at home with her infant child and no income, a husband who promotes a major Alaskan sport requiring her to attend a certain number of events per season, a full-time job as Governor of the state of Alaska and an active, growing toddler with Downs Syndrome. Show me the way to her spare time. Please. The rest of us would like to go there too!

But let’s give Sarah-Superwoman the benefit of the doubt for a moment. Let’s say she has this mountain of old journals she’s diligently maintained thoroughout her life (even though no one has ever heard of these journals-which-gave-her-such-joy-to-write before) which provides so much background material, writing this book will be easy-peasy…

And let’s say that working on this book ends up not interfering with her dutiies as Governor (I can see the slash marks apearing on her calendar now of cancelled appointments) and let’s say her legal-schmegal team of experts actually have the expertise between them to redefine the term ‘income’ and re-write Alaska law long enough for her to get a book written and handed off to the publisher…

… I’m mentally stuck on the part where she says Alaska (because of it’s contribution to the oil industry) has no income tax for the state, no state sales tax, no state property tax. My mind has already fast-forwarded to that point in time where Sarah figures out how to get out of paying any federal income taxes on this book deal, either.

President Obama just promised the nation he’d close rank on upper echelon tax loopholes. But Sarah Palin has more experience at making egregious loopholes than Obama has at closing them:

As Mayor of Wasilla she authorized the start of construction on the building of a hockey rink-slash-community center, knowingly preempting the property title search, resulting in the city of Wasilla not only incurring $20 million of debt, but continuing, years later, to be embroiled in a costly legal battle over ownership of the land upon which the center is built. Which is sort of what a title search is supposed to prevent from happening . <insert eyeroll>

She immediatley selected a second piece of property aproximately one mile from the community center’s building site, eliminated all building code requirements in her town and had her husband put an unnamed construction crew together to build their now multi-million dollar house. After the house was built, the building codes were reinstated. There are local, ongoing investigations as to how much of her house is built from the same construction materials, (and by the same workers) as the community center – all paid for, of course, by the citizens of Wasilla.

As first-year Governor of Alaska she collected per diem money from fellow Alaskans for living in said house, falsely submitting day to day living expenses as routine travel expenses, and so far has not been made to pay any of it back.

Sorry Mr. President, but your federal taxation system doesn’t stand a chance against the new Governor-approved Alaska State Motto: Whatever Sarah Wants, Sarah Gets.

This isn’t the 1920’s. How does this happen?

First she positions herself in a role where she has immediate access to altering the law. Then she stacks the courts and upper legal state positions with hand-picked appointees who will exonerate her should anyone object to her alterations. Now shes free to do as she pleases. And she does.

If Sarah Palin were a man she’d be in jail right now.

C’mon Wasillans – speak up – before you have to start paying Sarah an import tax on heating oil only available from Senor Chavez because – one more time – your governor’s sole focus was on her own ambitions rather than your needs.

Slap my hand – I’ve pinched two photos from the Palin Deception blog. It’s ok though, I’m not actually stealing them, just borrowing them for an umm scientific experiment – yeah, that’s it – it’s for science! And I promise to give them back when I’m done. Honest!


  The whole article is here  and I highly recommend you have a sticky beak. Now, on to the reason for my thievery.

The question of the dates (and therefore the physical condition of Bristol Palin) of these photos has been very much the topic of discussion, and on more than one website. However, I would like to point the viewer in a slightly different direction. The clothing.

In both photos, one purported to have been taken in Juneau, circa September 2007 and the other in December 2007, the clothing and hairstyles are identical. The only difference in any one of the 6 outfits is Sarah’s red jacket.

The girls are in identical dresses. They have identical hairstyles, down to Piper’s headband. The men are in identical suits, shirts and even Todd is sporting the same shiney red tie in both photos. The men’s haircuts don’t show a three month growth.

And really, ladies, what are the odds you can get 6 family members dressed in the same outfits, with the same hair-cuts and styles, three months apart? What are the odds Sarah could get her frosted bangs to brush the exact same way three months apart?

Sarah must be a far more organized mother than I ever was. To think I could have gotten any of my daughters to find a particular pink headband they’d worn three months earlier so they could wear it in another photo op, three monthslater, would have been a miracle. I was lucky when ribbons or barrets lasted a whole week!

My guess is they photo’d ahead, (if there is such a word) so to have a Governor’s family photo during the Holiday months, which could include Bristol, visibly still not obvious with child. Of course, this would mean the timing of Trig’s entire gestation period was a lie. and not just about the identity of his true mother, but the whole date of his birth.

Where’s the photographer? Surely he or she isn’t above being cajoled into tellng the truth?

C’mon Wasillans – talk to us 🙂