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Steph Banister - Hpw Stupid

A budding politician in Australia is proving to have that Sarah Palin Something that lures the stupid and feeds them high-grade ignorance. She’s youthful, not unattractive, and just dumb enough to be led around by the people who actually want control of Australian politics and think all they need to get this is a bright, shiny object to dangle in front of our middle-aged, racist males. (One Nation was the Tea Party before there even was a Tea Party)

Stephanie Banister has been arrested for going around to supermarkets and placing these stickers…

Stephanie Banister - Stockers

…on any food product that displays the Halal seal.  You kn ow – that little seal that lets Muslims know this product observes the standards of their religion – just like the Kosher seal on foods for the Jewish community.

Ms. Banister is fine with Muslims being in Australia,  she just thinks their laws belong back in Islam – you know, Islam the country – and for some reason she believes two things:

1. These Halal identified foods are taxed differently than other foods and those ‘taxes’ help fund terrorist activities.
2. The Halal seal on food products is somehow a sign that Islamic Laws are being carried out in Australia.

When pressed about the seals displayed on Kosher foods, Ms. Banister was quick to point out that Kosher food was just fine because Jews follow Christ.- – you know – because Jewish people share the same religious beliefs as Christians.

In true Sarah Palin fashion, Ms. Banister mistakenly refers to the Halal as the Haram (did she not read her own stickers?), trots out both her small children (and family dog) and would rather we skip over the fact she is about to go to court to be tried for her criminal activities.

Click either link at the top of this post to get the full story and see the video of her ridiculous interview. I swear you’ll think Sarah has a twin! Get out the popcorn! I promise you won’t be disappointed!


Pauline Hanson (founder of One Nation and a convicted felon herself who spent three years in jail for committing election fraud) announced last night that the party has withdrawn their support of Ms. Banister saying “she’s just not ready (for office) yet”

I’m betting Hanson and cohorts will be pushing Banister to learn more about politics and world events, much like McCain tried to do with Sarah. Will be fun to watch just to see if she ever emerges again as a viable candidate. For now, however, it’s comforting to know Australia has averted the train wreck.

I was in awe of the number of media that picked up this story, each one comparing Banister with Palin – and my favourite so far is RadarOnline – for nicknaming her CROCODILE DUMMY

As a side note, I want to make it perfectly clear to my American half what this political party represents and why I referred to it was the original Tea Party.

Pauline Hanson, years ago and long before it was popular to distrust the Muslim culture in Australia, decided white people were becoming overshadowed by Aboriginals. This sub-culture felt it wad not right for the taxes paid by working class whites to pay for health care, community service or building infrastructure for any Aboriginals. One Nation was founded on the belief that white people are more entitled to live on Australian land than the race that lived here for thousands of years prior to it’s discovery by white explorers because Aboriginals lived off the land while white Brits built buildings and erected telephone poles.

The mind boggles.