2015 July

For as long as I can remember (and probably a lot longer) women have been told to modify their (our) behaviour if they (we) don’ t want to be raped or assaulted. Tone down the clothing, they say. Be modest, they say. Don’t drink, they say. Take care not to give mixed signals, they say. And on and on and on it goes, always and forever assigning blame to the victim.

Hey, here’s a thought…

The California Senate has written a resolution to forbid any presidential candidate to use racial slurs, disrespect it’s diverse population (specifically the Latino immigrants, documented or not), to divest from any financial projects held by Donald Trump and finally encourages all small businesses in California to also divest from Donald Trump, his empire, his enterprises or holdings.

Watch the video on Lawrence O’Donnell’s The Last Word.

Calif Senated Dumps Trump

Hate speech and libel have ALWAYS been illegal in the United States. The First Amendment does not give a person the right to publicly disparage or fuel hate. It’s about time this new generation of candidates for the highest office in the land – got that straight.

FYI: It was duly noted in the US 2008 Presidential Election that Sarah Palin’s vitriol would have landed her a jail sentence in Australia as hate speech is not just a crime, it’s a felony. Many of us have mused that it is this law that keeps her from travelling DownUnder as we’re certain she wouldn’t be able to keep her mouth shut. The Donald should take heed as well 🙂

Back in March of this year Forbes interviewed Carlos Slim, a Mexican Billionaire who is estimated to be the richest man in the world. The interview focuses on the brilliant philanthropic project of Mr. Slim to fund putting laptop computers in libraries and schools across Mexico, all free of charge to the students. To paraphrase Mr. Slim’s reasoning ‘why give them a book – why not give them a computer – teach them how to use it – now everyone is better off’.

The owner of Mexico’s top television network, Carlos Slim is so disturbed over Trumps hateful, public remarks he has cancelled a joint project that was to make millions for both Ora TV and Donal Trump.. Here’s the Forbes March interview:

Then there’s this comment in an article posted at Canonclast :

The latest development comes as a television company controlled by Mexican billionaire, Carlos Slim, has cancelled a project with Trump that was said to be worth millions.


Ora TV, the production company co-founded by Slim and TV personality Larry King and funded by Slim’s America Movil, had been working with Trump for several months on the project.

An Ora TV spokesperson released the following statement,

“Trump was totally out of line…working with someone so closed-minded was not going to work.”

He added that the comments were racist and hurtful.

Way to go Donald… hope you’re enjoying all that tax-free PAC money. Hope it lasts longer than Sarah’s did 🙂

fireworks or gunshots

My daughter posted this to my FB page with the note “Mom – put the coffee down before clicking on this link and remember I love you!”

According to this video Sarah Palin is claiming that the drought in California is a direct result of California politics/politicians… because everyone knows California is SURROUNDED by water – and all they have to do is build more desalination plants and reservoirs and botta bing problem solved!

So if this is a hoax it’s a damn good one – and if it’s real well… there’s really nothing more to say now is there!

See the video at IfYouOnlyNews.com

More res

Sorry I can’t type anymore… I need to find a pair of wooly socks to stuff in my ears and make the sound of her stupidity go away…


This video is now being reported on (and includes fact-checking about the water conditions in California and the state’s plans already in the works) at:

Cleveland Sun Times


It’s looking less and less like a hoax and more and more like the tell-tale sign of a mentally unstable woman pushing herself straight over the edge…  the edge of what remains to be seen.